Welcome Builders and PC enthusiasts!

We are a non-profit organization, trying to help connect PC builders and Buyers for the best overall experience! We are providing a platform for PC builders to earn money building another buyers dream or budget build from the comfort of there home. This will give the buyer the ability to get exactly what they want and not get gouged purchasing a pre-built, or fear of messing up their PC trying to build it themselves.

(Platform in development)

About Us

Our Mission

Our mission is striving to become the best platform that will be a lead generator for PC builders, we are working hard to make this a scam free platform where builders and buyers can connect.

How It Works as a Buyer

Request a build

This is your first step in ordering a build from ibuildit. After you select all your desired components in your cart you will submit the request to our staff of talented builders!

Get Connected

After one of our builders have reviewed your request at accepted your build you’ll get an notification on your ibuildit account. From here you’ll be able to connect to your builder to talk about any special request you might have or ask for a picture of the state of your build!

Receive Build

When your build is complete the builder will notify asking for shipment conformation. Once this stepped is complete then you’ll build will be shipped to you!

How It Works Being a Builder

  • Make a ibuildit profile
  • Add your resume and past builds
  • Put your desire commission rate per build
  • Check build request bulletin board for builds

Once a builder has done all the necessary steps to complete their account they will be ready to start earning money! When a builder accepts a request and payment has been confirmed for parts by buyer we will have the parts delivered to you! After completion of the build you’ll use the shipping label we sent you to ship the build to buyers desired location.

For More Information Send Us a Message!

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