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About Us

We are a team who are trying to help connect PC builders and clients for the best overall experience! We are providing a platform for PC builders to earn money building another clients dream or budget build from the comfort of there home. This will give the client the ability to get exactly what they want and not get gouged purchasing a pre-built, or fear of messing up their PC trying to build it themselves.

Our job starts with you: understanding what you need, so we can offer you options that make sense.

What are we?

We are striving on becoming the best platform that will be a lead generator for PC builders.

Our ultimate goal is giving builders an opportunity they’ve never had and try to help them generate a source of income.

How it works

The business model we are trying to adapt is a turn on Stock X’s where we would contact both parties to avoid either side being scammed. After a client consults with a builder and settles on what parts and price for a build we would then gather payment from the client and ship parts to builder. After completion builder would then ship build to client.

The platform is still under development. We have acquired all backing we need but we must show the backers the interest from the community before getting the green light. So if you’re a passionate PC builder who would like to make some money as a side gig or full-time building from home. Click the ‘learn more’ button or feel free to send us a message asking about more information!

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